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☣️Gyūtarō☣️| 👹kimetsu no yaiba: demon slayer👹 Digital Art.

In the next post you will see the progression of an illustration referring to the anime / manga of Kimetsu no yaiba, which is an illustration visible in the manga only that he made in the form of a digital drawing and modified by me.

Why did I do it?
I did it since I want to draw all the upper moons of kimetsu no yaiba, likewise I allowed myself to make this drawing since I am a few days away from graduating and I no longer have to spend so much time at high school, thanks to that I bring you today I love this drawing, which I wanted to do so much since I love this characters and the arc of the manga where it appears.

Why Gyūtarō?
I did it since many aspects of this character call my attention, especially his stage as a human, in which he suffered a lot since he was discriminated against and his mother wanted to kill him, in addition to that during this time you can see the attachment he had for his sister, which was in part what led him to become a demon, since his sister was about to die and he wanted her to return to normal, thus accepting the help of at that time Doma la luna superior 6, his Stage as a demon was characterized by feeding on the red light district where they lived when they were human, it led him and his sister to be very strong demons, something that should be noted is that Gyūtarō was a much stronger demon than his moon rank dictates Superior 6 since this is limited by his sister Daki which is weaker, Gyūtarō has killed approximately 13 pillars which made him be considered one of the 6 superior moons, his personality was formed by his time as a human, and What is e as a devil he is cruel, mean and envious, also when he feels frustrated he chooses to hurt himself, his physical appearance is that of a man of average height with a very thin abdominal area, his skills, and his weapons are also part of him. So to say it since it transforms cells in his body and solidifies them in the form of scythes that appear to be made of bone, something that caught my attention is that on his deathbed he told his sister to go the way where he was The light shone brighter, making us think that Daki somehow went to a peaceful place while he went straight to hell, since the path that he took had no light at all.

The drawing
This drawing took me 4 hours to do, the most difficult thing was to achieve the color of her skin and the right green for her hair since it did not have very accurate references, so I did it as I thought it would look better, I hope you like it.





Thanks for your attention

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