Ayanokouji is the Freaking GOAT [SPOILER INSIDE]


I just watched Episode 6 of Classroom of the Elite Season 2 and in my opinion, Ayanokouji has seriously solidified himself as one of the GOATS when it comes to Anime MCs and this episode damn near proves it. We all knew from Season 1 that Kikyo Kushida was definitely someone not to be completely trusted and this Season showed us why that is the case. So when Ayanoukouji confronted Kushida about her being a Traitor and he knows it she gloated in front of him as she thinks he can't do anything about it. Regardless of that Ayanokouji was calm as a Cucumber but I knew that something was definitely in the books. If that was not enough Kikyo Kushida threatened to expel Ayanoukouji and I just felt that Ayanokouji was freaking furious.


As expected when everyone was thinking that Kushida won and Horikita would get expelled the GOAT showed up and flipped the damn Game Board. Now two things happened in this episode, one was that we saw a glimpse of what Ayanokouji is capable of physically and the other Kushida got a taste of how Ayanokouji operates and I am willing to bet some money on the fact that Kushida might be going down soon in the upcoming episodes. The reason is simple you don't threaten the GOAT and she did the Cardinal Sin in this episode.


I have to say when Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Trailer was released I was a tad bit worried if this Anime will be as successful as its predecessor but I am glad that it is delivering more than what I had hoped for. Damn, I can't wait for the Next Monday to arrive.


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