[Manga Review] ONE PIECE: Vivi's Adventure (Naoshi Komi)

"Vivi's Adventure" is a Oneshot that re-imagines chapter 216 with the same title of ONE PIECE Manga. This "cover comic" is illustrated by Naoshi Komi the mangaka of Nisekoi.

I haven't read a lot of Naoshi's works, but I'm familiar with his series "Nisekoi" which was fun to read. He also illustrated a bunch of one-shots. This one-shot, however, is different because other than drawing an original story, he's remaking an official ONE PIECE work with his own style.


This one-shot adapts the epilogue of Alabasta Arc of ONE PIECE manga. The story follows Nefertari Vivi as she goes to her coming of age ceremony, while she has to decide between joining the Straw Hats or being royalty, leading her Country as the Princess.

Vivi makes her speech for her people while the Straw Hats are waiting for her. Eventually, she starts speaking about their journey. Ultimately, Vivi decided to stay in Alabasta.

"But in the darkness of the storm, I encountered a little ship. It gave me a push and said "Don't you see that Light?"" --- Nefertari Vivi.

She declared that she has a home to protect so she can't join them, but if they meet again, she asks if she could hear them call her a Crewmate again. A pleading that was answered with the most wholesome silent farewell in all of One Piece. (I'm pretty sure Komi Naoshi enjoyed drawing the final double spread.)

Chapters 215 & 216 were 19 pages each, this one-shot combined them into a 49 pages standalone story. It uses the same dialogue, but restructures some scenes and adds original shots. The paneling style is obviously closer to Naoshi's other works than ONE PIECE's. I have to admit, he chose the perfect chapter in all of ONE PIECE for his art style to shine!

This one-shot is very focused on Vivi, and Naoshi really knows how to draw princess characters. (Or females in general, just look at Nami.) The other characters felt like being mixed in the background instead. It seems Ussop and Zoro had little to no lines, but I like how Ussop looks in this art style. Luffy looks very Luffy despite the clear similarities between him in this art style and other Naoshi characters.

What do you think?

Naoshi's one-shots are good. At least the ones I read. I remember how impressed I was by his one-shot "Toki Doki" (I really recommend that slice-of-life story to anyone who has a way to read it.) I enjoyed his take on ONE PIECE.

I look forward to seeing more authors do their takes. I already know that Boichi from Dr. Stone fame has drawn the "Zoro vs Mihawk" chapter.

Vivi is one of my favorite ONE PIECE supporting characters, and I consider her an honorary Straw Hat member. I wish for her return to the main story, and I look forward to whenever that happens.

  • All images are taken from the mentioned one-shot by Naoshi Komi. Captured from the official Shonen Jump App.
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