The First Time to Play Chess Online


Hi friends hives...

How are you hive friends today, of course all good news. Hopefully our activities today go well and smoothly. After being tired of activities, there are people who take a break by listening to music, relaxing by drinking coffee, joking with children..



But this time it's for me to fill the gap to play chess online with people from far away. In the past we played chess in a coffee shop, looking for and waiting for an opponent was something we waited for. However, now you can play chess on your own porch. With opponents you can come from all over the world. How's that? It could happen because the digital world has entered the bedroom. Everything can be accessed quickly and easily with only an Android handphone.



I am very happy and love this game of chiss or chess. I used to play with friends from my village, now I can play with people from countries anywhere because I have the Chiss game application on my handphone.


Today I played with an Indian flag, the game was very tense and fun because my opponent also seemed to have an interesting strategy, often he gave pawn bait, it turned out that he had the intention to eat my horse.


At the next moment I had to hold back and slowly play with him so that my strategy wouldn't be fooled in the slightest, it seems easy to read my strategy. Until finally I finished this game well with a score of 1: 0.

I am win...


The game of chess is very unique because this game has its own role in defending the kingdom. Each role binds each other to guard and attack the enemy or opponent so that on the one hand there is something that must be sacrificed to achieve a victory. Of course, our focus as players is the main key, reading the opponent's movements is not for one step at least two or three steps.


My hive friends..

In this life sometimes we are in a game like a game of chess. At certain times we have to be like pawns but sometimes we are also like horses jumping here and there, there are also like queens who are free to go anywhere. Depending on how the wind blows so does the sails expand. That's how life is sometimes we have to be pressured so that we pass to the next phase, every phase we go through requires effort and sacrifice in order to move up to the next phase. So improve our skills so that we don't become other people's bait balls.

Good night hive friends, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day than today and fun.
Keep cohesiveness and prioritize family happiness.

Greetings from me and regard

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