@jaki01 wins season 7

Dear chess fans,

sorry for the delay of this post, we were on a hiking tour.
Last Friday the final 2 rounds of the Hivechess tournament season 7 were played. First we had a 2+1 bullet, then a 4+1 Swiss tournament.

@sawko was - no surprise - the winner of the Bullet tournament, followed by @jaki01 and @petreius.
With his 4th place, @maciejficek (XM9000) could achieve one of his best results on Hivechess ever! Congratulations to all 4 players!

The games of this round can be found here, in case you want to replay some of them.

Directly after that the Swiss tournament was played. Here @jaki01 played flawless and won all his games (@sawko was not participating). Runner up was @pereu4ivatel (pereu4uwatch) and third @petreius (like in the previous one!). Congrats!
Congrats also to @manncpt (Toful) who won his first tournament points!
I was not happy at all with my play. I hope to be able to improve until next time.


The games of this round can be found here, in case you want to replay some of them.

Season 7 "summer": 16 July to 27 Aug 2021 / Final Ranking:

RankHive nameLichess nameRatingRounds playedPoints
3rd@sawkoCM sawkito2494540
5 (+7)@petreiuspetreius1977628
6 (+1)@lighteyelighteye1718826
7 (+2)@rodrookrodrook1482820
8 (-3)@kreurKreur2063419
9 (+2)@maverieux000Keylix2086519
10 (-4)@schamangerbertHerbyW1793519
11 (+7)@maciejficekXM90001550717
12 (+5)@pereu4ivatelpereu4uwatch2098416
13 (-5)@apyApy1986215
14 (-4)@burnoutawesomeburnoutawesomehive2115212
15 (-2)@yazpzulukill2029211
17 (+3)@rafaelaquinoajedrezclub2t1720610
18 (-4)@vjap55vjap55218418
19 (-4)@ropavejeroropavejero183948
20 (-1)@cryptoph0823cryptoph0823180134

The rules you can look up in the announcement post.

@jaki01 could win this season again, and with a huge lead. I was able to land on the second spot, followed by @sawko (who had missed 3 rounds).
Due to their good performance on the last day, @petreius, @maciejficek (XM9000) and @pereu4ivatel (pereu4uwatch) could make some nice jumps in the final ranking!


Season stats

The average tournament rating of this season 7 was 1813.
In each round we had on average 14,4 players. This is less than in the last record-breaking S6, especially in this final double round we had only 11 players, far less than in the previous rounds.
27 players participated in total (last season it was 22)! Each player on average played in 4,3 out of 8 rounds, lower than last time.
9 players this time had shown up less then 3 times and therefore are not considered for the prices! This is sad but also means more prices for the others.

Thank you all for your participation & engagement (and the upvotes)!

Here you can see all results of the 8 rounds of season 7:


As always, I will do the exact calculation of the prices after the payout of this post.

In the next few weeks or so there will be a break and somewhere in Sep. the next season will start. Watch out for the announcement post!

Enjoy the rest of the summer and as always - keep practicing!


Our previous Champions:

Winner of Season 6 was @sawko
Winner of Season 5 was @sawko
Winner of Season 4 was @sawko
Winner of Season 3 was @jaki01
Winner of Season 2 was @jaki01
Winner of Season 1 was @jaki01


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