Hivechess Tournament Season 4 final results: @sawko is the winner!

Dear Chessfriends,

yesterday the last round of the Hivechess Tournament "Christmas" season 4 was played. It was (after the Bullet round before!) a relaxed 7+1 round with 11 players and an average rating of noteworthy 1945, the second highest we ever had in Hivechess. In fact we had more players above 2000 rating than below that mark! @sawko (sawkito) won - not surprisingly - again and second was @jaki01 with a solid playing (just one loss). Just I am wondering why I had to play @sawko more often than the second - the pairing in the Lichess arena mode is always good for surprises. @yazp (zulukill) was third with quite some gap between them at the end (during the games it looked more equal). I could grab the 4th before @eniolw (who left early). Sixth was @pereu4ivatel (drakOnb) who checkmated me although I was in a winning position. The remaining tournament points went to @rodrook (7th) and @sammy00 (migmag) (8th). The strong players @vjap55 and @zacherybinx (sirtetris) had either connection issues or had to leave early.

The games of this round can be found here, in case you want to replay some of them.

Season 4 "Christmas": 27 Nov to 27 Dec 2020 / Final Ranking:

RankHive nameLichess nameRatingRounds playedPoints
First price@sawkosawkito2474648
Second price@jaki01jaki012316742
Third price@yazpzulukill2024741
11 (+2)@eniolweniolw235325
12 (-1)@rafaelaquinoajedrezclub2t173933
13 (-1)@darruizdarruiz125032

The rules you can look up in the announcement post.

The final ranking is exactly like the result of the last round, at least in the first 4 places. As expected, @sawko is the deserved winner of this season with a full score of 100% of rounds won, this has so far nobody achieved. Congratulation!
@jaki01 could in the last round secure the second rank, followed by @yazp (zulukill) who as well had a very good season. The gap to the remaining field is quite considerable.


Some season stats:
The average tournament rating of this short season 4 was 1840, the highest so far! With 11,5 players on average, the participation was slightly higher than last time, but still room to improve.
In total 20 players participated (last time it was 23 but it went over 11 rounds). They took part on average in 4 rounds (only 6 players joined all 7 rounds) and gained on average 3,1 points. 8 out of 20 players scored points with each participation!

Thank you all for your participation & engagement (and the upvotes)!

Here are all results of the 7 rounds of season 4:


As always, I will do the exact calculation of the prices after the payout of this post, but so far it looks as if the total price pool will be around 220 Hive!

In the next weeks there will be a break and in February the next season will start, probably with slightly modified rules. Any ideas you want to see implemented? E.g. I am thinking about a minimum participation of 3 games in order to get a payout. We should encourage people to join more often.

See you hopefully all in 2021!

Until then: keep practicing!


Winner of Season 3 was @jaki01
Winner of Season 2 was @jaki01
Winner of Season 1 was @jaki01

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