Hivechess Tournament Season 1 end results: @jaki01 is the winner

Dear Chessfriends,

yesterday was the big showdown of the first Hivechess Tournament season and we had played 2 rounds, one bullet and one blitz. By the way, for the records I called this season "Lockdown", a suitable name, do you agree?

In the bullet round we were 9 players, including 2 new strong playera, @cattoOOO and @jrevilla (josephchess90)! Nevertheless once again @jaki01 was unstoppable and won with a clear margin. Second was @catoOOO who played very well today again (he had won already last week´s Steemchess tournament), and on the third spot was @gingerbyna (Jeanjarrgh) who had a great day and could gain his best rank in this Hivechess season.
Fourth was @jrevilla (josephchess90) who came late but won all his games! Impressive!
The remaining places went to myself, @rafaelaquino (ajedrezclub2t), @schamangerbert (HerbyW), @maciejficek (XM9000) and @rodrook.
By the way, @catoOOO uploaded a video about it!

The games of this round can be found here, in case you want to replay some of them.

Directly afterwards a final 4+2 Swiss tournament was played. Due to the 2s increment it took a little longer than planned - lesson learned for the next time! We were 11 players (some of them came a little late), just @renerondon had problems this time and could not play a single game. @cattoOOO wanted tp play, but had to leave just before starting. And surprisingly @wpaschall (IM Sparklehorse) showed up, the strongest player and only title holder in our tournament so far - so to say as a guest star - but played just 2 games before he left. Due to these strong players the average rating in this round was 1978 - record in Hivechess.
At the end @jaki01 could win also that round without any problems. Just @eniolw could draw against him and had a very strong performance without losing a single game (5,5/7 points), so a good second place for him. The next two ranks, with a 1,5 points gap, were taken by myself and @schamangerbert (HerbyW). In our game I was just up a pawn with an almost equal position but then all of a sudden my queen was trapped and I was completely lost! However in the game @schamangerbert overlooked that he could just grab the queen, so at the end I had quite some luck to gain the third rank.
Fifth place went to @heimindanger (skzap), sixth to @rafaelaquino (ajedrezclub2t) - same rank for him as in the previous round. The remaining places were taken by @gingerbyna (Jeanjarrgh), @pereu4ivatel (drak0nb) - he had the highest opponent average so far (2057!), @wpaschall (IM Sparklehorse) (left early) and @rodrook (who was unlucky today and also the competition was too difficult today).

The games of this round can be found here, in case you want to replay some of them.

Season 1 "Lockdown": 03 April to 05 Jun 2020 / Final Standing:

RankHive nameLichess nameRatingRounds playedPoints
1 and first price@jaki01jaki0123111078
2 and 2nd price@stayoutoftherzstayoutoftherz19611165
3 and 3rd price@schamangerbertHerbyW17271040
9 (16)@gingerbynaJeanjarrgh1773514
14@catto000 (new)catto000198817
18@jrevilla (new)josephchess90210515
24@wpaschall (new)IM Sparklehorse244010

The winner of each round gets 8 points, the 2nd 7,... the 8th gets 1 point.
Doc-holliday, clinton210 and AlushL were not ranked because I haven´t a Hive or Steem name of them.

The average tournament rating of this season was 1791 (ranging from 1707 to 1978). So it was quite heterogenous and in some rounds it was easier to collect points than in others. The number of participants varied from 5 to 11 (average 8,7). I was the only one who participated in all rounds. Three players just missed one round. On average, each player participated in 3,6 rounds. But the ranking clearly shows that you shouldn´t miss more than one round in order to get a place in the top 3!

Here all results of the 11 rounds:

All in all no surprises in the top rankings, @jaki01 is the deserved winner with 78 points! He scored on average 7,8 points per round which is quite amazing. The gap to the second was quite big, I scored on average in each round 5,9 points, and the third price goes to @schamangerbert (HerbyW) who also participated and played very consistently and could take away 3,6 points from each round. If some of the strong players like @eniolw, @renerondon or @foxconnmars could have participated more often, the struggle for the top ranks would have been much more interesting. Maybe next time?

Finally, the payouts: I can do the exact calculation only after 7 days, but so far it looks as if the total price pool is over 360 Hive! So the winner will get in one week app. 108 Hive, the second 78 and the third around 36. The rest of app. 150 Hive will be distributed to the other 22 players according to how often they have participated!

Next week will be a break and in 2 weeks the next season called "Summer Time" will start, generally one hour earlier! Block already your calendars to not miss it!

See you soon in season 2 and keep practicing!


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