Hivechess Tournament Round 2: @sawko was the winner again!

Dear Chess fans,

the second round of Season 8 was a 4+1 Blitz arena with 20 players again! This time the average rating (1927) was even higher than last time! We could welcome a record-breaking number of 5 completely new players: @pamboy27, @agreste, @ebingo, @b0s (Da_k1ng) and Mr_Mendel (no Hive username), some came over from the "Liga CB" run by @chessbrotherspro. And @vjap55 finally showed up again! In fact he was even streaming the tournament! Please check out his stream here!
And also @samostically streamed the event here on 3speak!

@sawko could again win this round, with quite a gap to the runner up, @jaki01 who was in better form today than last time. Closely behind him, a group of 3 had the same points: @kreur, @samostically and @pamboy27. Congrats to All! @tungphong (blackswan21), the current leader of the Liga CB, ended "only" on the sixth spot.
I could gain only the 10th rank, my worst result ever in Hivechess, but we never had such a set of strong players, so I guess I have to get used to these results. And blundering a queen like in my game against @lighteye should also be avoided next time.


The games of this round can be found here, in case you want to replay some of them.

Season 8: 17 Sep to 15 Oct 2021 / Ranking after second round:

RankHive nameLichess nameRatingRounds playedR1R2Total
1@sawkoCM sawkito24652101020
3 (+2)@kreurKreur214226814
5 (+1)@jaki01jaki01238224913
6 (-1)@eniolweniolw2454188
7 (new)@pamboy27pamboy272135166
8 (-2)@stayoutoftherzstayoutoftherz20532516
9 (-1)@kintokrisjonbellionfan21032336
10 (+8)@burnoutawesomeburnoutawesome20692044
12 (+4)@rafaelaquinoajedrezclub2t17562022
13 (-3)@schamangerbertHerbyW1769111
14 (-3)@rodrookrodrook14452000
15 (-3)?Blacknight1862002100
16 (-3)@lighteyelighteye17512000
17 (-3)@maciejficekXM900015472000
18 (-3)@sammy00migmag1508100
19 (-2)@zacherybinxsirtetris2019100
20 (-1)@manncptToful1245100
21 (-1)@vasigovasigo9892000
22 (new)@vjap55vjap552126100
23 (new)@agresteagreste1692100
24 (new)@ebingoebingo1502100
25 (new)@bOsDa_k1ng1256100
26 (new)?Mr_Mendel2290100

The rules you can look up in the announcement post.

No big changes on the top of the rankings, @sawko could extend his lead, @kreur and @jaki01 could improve their positions a little bit and @pamboy27 with his good first result jumped immediately to the 7th spot! 3 more rounds to go in this season, so all is still possible.

See you alle next week!


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