before the final HCT-32+

aligned the numbering of the rules before the transition of the hypertournament into the through tournament broken by the war. Very good rules, what good is lost. Yes, and playing under the howl of siren is somewhat uncomfortable, and the supertournament is almost not tied to synchronism

  1. type of game
  2. time and reglament
  3. color and glasses
  4. report and format
  5. recommended sites
  6. cups rapid-960
  7. fixed ancient games
  8. activation of statistics
  9. winnings without activation
  10. tokens for the work-of-brain and voting with ups
  11. won and lost in solving chess puzzles
  12. Prize Fund
  13. 100% refund = 10x10%
  14. 0, risks
  15. pair without $ and control questions for them
  16. King+Queen and their half-kingdoms
  17. balancing mechanism
  18. prices change on Sat

these guys compete for bronze in one separate division of the Elite Cup of the 3rd day
image.png , could and you.
Well, and need to look for a social network with not so galvanized checkers, although the majority of those who stare at 1 dot are conservatives by default.
And we need an active collective mind to win the Kremlin and other khuilocracies. Looped to change the world order through chess kingdoms is not very suitable

If something is not clear - specify or compare 2 texts, drafts in /hot/hive-102040 or dance

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2 columns
1 column