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Hello friends,
Here is another wonderful recipe of mine for small pies with cheese and eggs. This dish is served hot, ie. it is best when it is very hot because in that case, the oil will penetrate into the roll the least.


Is it necessary for this beauty from a warm appetizer?
◘ 400gr cheese (taste of cheese on request)
◘ 4 whole eggs
◘ add SO as needed,
◘ and other spices at will
◘ 400gr crust for gibanica or pie






You have a similar post in previous posts, in that post you see how I twisted small rolls with vegetables, so twist these too. Prepare deep oil in a pan, heat it and put small rolls of cheese in the oil. When they get a golden yellow color, then take them out of the oil into the appropriate container with which they will serve you.
You will see that it is not difficult to make and does not require a lot of time to make, and children will most want to eat them and they are beautiful as a warm appetizer.
I wish you a lot of success in making and enjoy.
Your @photo-master wishes you all the best

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