Mountainous Journey


Here's another short post of what happened to me last week. A friend, @balladino called me up and asked me if we wanted to go for a walk. He had previously already mentioned that he has a bike in his cellar since 4 years and he doesn't use it. My road bike got stolen and the lock got picked in January at the local train station. That bike was in really bad shape, old and I had a frontal collision with a tram in 2015 that partially destroyed the gear system and made it irreparable. I think that was my only accident and it was action packed. I bounced away, flew and tore some really strong raw denim jeans I got made in the process. That fabric was almost cardboard hard and robust, but tore. A near death experience, I still wear headphones on longer trips which would have been the lesson to take from that incident. I guess if it gets you it does. Fortunately it was the only accident I had apart from some drivers who didn't pay attention to the side of their cars while in traffic at a signal and closing in I few meters a minute, squeezing me to the side. As I relied on that bike a lot because public transport isn't always affordable to me, I would use it quite frequently. In fact I never really used public transport much until I was 21 and people in my town used to make fun of me, because I'd cycle downtown. I had the last laugh in the 90s when there were no night buses and they asked me when I was chillin with the ladies if i'd take the the last train or bus. I just looked at them and said: "Naw man, I got a bike". It gets even weirder when you can race them down town and notice that you're faster because the train takes a detour. Recently the same kind of people say: "Don't believe anything this guy says about crypto, he's vegan." lol

Rumours around my small town were that I run to the cities along the train tracks at night. Some Swiss hill billies really like to ridicule foreign looking people with the silliest shit.

@balladino aka jules just gifted me this bike and I didn't believe it. I felt like it was my birthday, because it's such an awesome bike. I previously never had a frame fit my height that well, which made my first ride with julien to see him and his band practice that same evening memorable and enjoyable. I immediately grabbed some spare parts from older cycles at my work shop/studio. One of the cyclist's who inspire me on here in case you wanna give them a follow are @kiwibloke. His posts are are powerful.


The next day I went to see @needapencil cuz we ordered some stickers and wanted to run a stickerz rampage a city away. Penetrating through strong winds, I had to cross a beautiful valley. I ordered around 500 @yangyanje stickers, hoping that maybe someone might wonder. It would lead them to hive, our amazing communities and would give them an idea about free speech, decentralised economy and the web 3.0.


I will be going there again today since i'm getting 500 stickers more. I also got to know about a really cool spot that reminded me of a place I would love to just train at.


I didn't get enough, so I couldn't stop right there. I decided to do a bit more than a tenth of Switzerland. I am not the best #actifit reporter and my fit battery was pretty low when I left. Before taking a route that I decided for, I stopped by some remote Studio close to the Lägern. A wooded mountain of the Jura Mountains that leads through a valley that one can follow almost up to the capital.


On my way I saw some really interesting places that need a certain pace to be discovered.


Arriving in the city of Baden, Aargau. Where cyclists get killed by reckless motorists. These guys seriously can't drive and they all seem to have the same number plate "AG". What I don't understand about this state, is that they honk at you, even if you have no other choice but to be on the road because there isn't a cycle path ? The Kanton of Aargau is also known to have the most lenient drivers in general. The swiss like to say "huere argauer" lol


Starting rather late, I had google maps send me to random places. Avoiding googles directions most of the time, I ended up falling for random traps when google decided to even send me through a forest on a pebble path. Seriously?




I really enjoyed riding through random Swiss towns, imagining how they looked like a 100 years ago.



Close to sunset, I noticed I still had a way ahead to the place I wanted to reach.


Moving towards Lenzburg, which is a fortress on top of a hill, the light and ambience conveyed serenity.





Arriving in Seon, I kept going ...


This is a picture from a place called Beromünster, where I stayed for a while with @soenana. I shall soon elaborate more about this amazing place. A place of knights and warriors...Remnants of the past knights of the Swiss mountains. Strong men who were said to have jogged to Paris in their armour as if it was something they'd just do. I also wanna visit the graves of these legendary Swiss knights at another Kanton soon. On one of my trips is also a place called wildberg that has a Buddhist temple in a beautiful valley that literally seems like a fairy tale around this time of the year when its blooming.


A bit further down in Lucerne, Switzerland at the lake, surrounded by a beautiful view of the mountains.


After resting for two days I decided to ride back a much shorter route.



Passing Lake Hallwil on my way back I got a glimpse of it during daylight. The reflections of buildings and light on the water when I was on my way there were engraved in my memory. Some pictures just can't be taken as good as your memory of the experience.


Reaching back sooner than expected I was glad to have only just a few more hills until reaching home.

Someone who I am really grateful is @artemislives, because she motivated me to write and post more. It's a really good way to put down your thoughts, sort them but also makes me go through my data. Recently it wasn't really the data, since I have an abundance of posts in my pipeline with image folders, video footage to edit but also run a few other hive accounts. I cannot even fathom how much I learned from everyone here, how grateful I am to be a part of this community. Everything makes so much more sense to me, specially whats next. Recently I have made a huge leap in voice over recordings, by just making silly hive ads and trailer voices for fun. Mostly in pitch, intonation, rhythm and different languages, I will post separately next.

It's practice to refine something. Being around people who share so much insight, we all seem to evolve together. Its really felt very strong if you get immersed. What concerns me is still is the many on here to whom this seems like some digital gold rush. Like on some fever, they seem more concerned about their investment rather than contributing to it's growth. If it's just about money to you, you are missing the point in value, community and that it's something we share in the time we invest. That time never comes back! This journey isn't about me, it's actually about you! While you might write your next post, remember that you give so much inspiration to people. Hey, I cleaned up half of my garden thanks to the homesteaders and NM community with posts I read a year ago that still permeate and resonate with me. I also want to share something that I read out of so many posts. "Be enough for yourself. You are good as you are. "(Quoting @bewithbreath) Also be really good to yourself, you are important. I know for a fact that everyone here have been truly exceptional when meeting them in real life. So much that it could not have been a coincidence because there aren't any coincidences. We are all on a journey to make our own choices and also to become responsible and run our own global decentralised economy ourselves. I still feel most connected to hive in my thoughts and you guys are always gonna be my major source of inspiration even if I don't post for a week. I am actually really happy that some digital gold rush cartoon characters here unfollowed me. A message to the whales from the dungeons of the untouchables and from various dolphins. Hive has come a long way to have it labelled as a DPOS social class system. Moving forward after this hard fork, we still have to address some issues here. Specially the witnesses know what I mean. There was a satoshi, a buterin and a larimer, but there's also an optimus prime and a mathemat-magician and their team around us who build an entire side chain when we were on a long leash for dev funds. Some of us put their life blood into this and the passion is truly felt. It's guys like me who put their fists up for people like this!

In case you wondered, I painted a canvas with that avatar and was clinically dead for a few minutes about a week later due to a pneumonia. I used a lot of math on the original canvas that also fits a hexagon.

Time for some more sticking stickerz and biking today, as the sun is shining through my window and I grab my headphones for another ride to the city of Winterthur.

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