Faces in the Dark


Young children who are losing their sight sometime begin to see things. I would see faces in the dark myself; scary monster faces so terrifying that I slept with my parents until 3rd grade; and after that only with a light on.

This piece was created for a storybook I am dreaming up in my head. I am unsure how I will attempt to publish it. I was thinking since I don't have much of a name or social media presence I might shop around to publishers once I figure out how.

This is one of my first pieces created entirely on procreate; and the only one I wish to share so far. (other images were colored pencil drawings edited in procreate)

Here are some previous versions of the image that I saved; I like them all for different reasons hard to say which is best. They look different on different screens. They look really dark on my computer now.

Untitled_Artwork (1).jpg

Untitled_Artwork (2).jpg


Night Faces.jpg

Here is video of an earlier version https://www.instagram.com/p/CRok_GdAOWV/

And an earlier edit


I feel sometimes I lose something making an image more of an illustration; hard to know when to stop sometime. I might go back to an earlier version and rework it; but I am putting it aside for now while I work on other images.

If you read this far, which is your favorite version? Any suggestions?

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