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Kids nowadays have no idea how we used to watch TV series and anime shows back then. We'd gather in front of the television, waiting for the local newscast to finish just so we can witness if Eugene(Filipino version for Yusuke) finally defeats Taguro(Toguro), after the latter used 100 percent of his true power. No rewinds, no fast-forwards, and no pauses, but with lots of unskippable ads in between.

Gone are those days, thank God for streaming services! When my wife and I found out that YuYu Hakusho(known locally as Ghost Fighter) was on Netflix, we immediately binged it. Though it is not exactly a rewatch as we just saw a few episodes when it aired locally some years ago, we still enjoyed it nevertheless. Also, watching it in its English dubbed version, I can't help but compare it to our local Tagalog version. There are a lot of instances where I preferred the Tagalog one, like the part where the audience in the Dark Tournament episode shouted "Kill them all!", I still hear the "Tapusin! Tapusin!" in my head. Although it means the same, the local version has a different impact to us viewers. In the episode where Toguro used 100 percent of his power, in the English version he just said something about 'destiny has rewarded his patience' which is very anticlimactic compared to shouting "Isandaang porsyento!" in the Tagalog dub. Note that in the original Japanese version he also exclaimed the same thing, "Hyaku pasento", which literally translates to 100 percent.

Joining A Contest

Last month, motorcycle company, Yamaha, announced their 2nd #envisionyourimagination contest on Facebook thru the Makina Moto page. The mechanics was simple: you need to come up with your own design on how you would modify the base bike, Yamaha XSR155. Any design is acceptable as long as the base bike is still visible and recognizable and you should incorporate in your design some Yamaha aftermarket products. The winner would take home a brand new bike(XSR155). I decided to join and designed a Toguro inspired bike, and gave my 'hyaku pasento'.

images (77).jpeg
Stock Yamaha XSR155 Source

Designing 'Hyaku'

I recalled a scene in the show where Toguro confronted Yusuke while riding on a motorbike. From there, I derived that Toguro is a bike guy, and it would be cool to base my design on one of the OG villains of 90's anime.

I kept my design very simple, and realistic, as if I can build it on my own if given the chance. Also bearing in mind that Toguro would probably ride this bike.

It is mainly based on a scrambler/tracker build. Started with changing the tires into dual sport tires.


Changed the headlights from a big round one to a flat mount with 2 circular headlights, designed so when you view it up front the outline of the handlebar and the headlight is somewhat similar to the Japanese character for 'hyaku'.


The tail part was the one part of the design I infused Toguro's character with. Its shape was derived from his sunglasses. I designed the bike as a single seater, but the tail part acts as a compartment. It is where Toguro keeps his supply of those spectacular spectacles, in case one gets damaged in battle.

I also changed the stock exhaust with an undertail type one to complete the scrambler look

Screenshot of the confrontation episode YouTube clip

The color scheme was inspired by the helmet he wore in the confrontation episode. I just thought it would be cool to have a matching helmet and bike.


I named my design 'Hyaku', the Japanese word for one hundred. Also referring to Toguro's display of full power when he fought Yusuke. Unintentionally, it is also a play on the word 'kuya' which means big brother in our language. The anime also featured the elder Toguro, and in the Tagalog dub, Taguro calls him Kuya.

The winner was declared a month after the deadline for submission. Though I did not make it to the top 65 out of 421 entries, I am still proud of my work. Also, I am looking forward to next year's contest. Maybe that will be the time I'll bring home the bike-on.

YouTube Content

Upon joining the contest I saw it as an opportunity to add it as a content on my YouTube channel. I grabbed it and went on to make an animation loop and a corresponding LoFi hiphop version of one of the show's background instrumentals.

This project was heavily inspired by the show's episode 66, the one where Toguro and former lover, Genkai(Master Jeremiah) met in the afterlife then went on to part ways.

For the animation, I just placed Toguro on my bike design and made it seem like he was traveling perpetually in the netherworld. It's just a 4-frame animation loop.

Frame 1
Frame 2
Frame 3
Frame 4

Animation loop

I made a LoFi version of their background music when they were talking to each other in the episode. I also included vocal chops from their dialog to add to the sad atmosphere of the song.

How I made the beat in Garageband iOS

Here's the finished product:

I'm no expert in animation and beatmaking, so I would highly appreciate it if you give some tips and pointers

That's all for now, and I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you went this far, comment the 💯 emoji down below to show your 100% support for contents like these.

Thank you for the time and see you on my next post!


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