Resource share 01 - 3D Sculpting Alphas

Hey, thanks for stepping by.
Through the years of working on my 3D models I managed to hoard quite a number of different resources like textures, shaders, sculpting brushes etc.
I've made a lot of them myself and I thought that it is a waste for all that to collect dust on my hard drive so I've decided to share some of it with fellow digital artists here on HIVE.

3D Art Resource - Alpha Textures

I use these alphas with my sculpting brushes in Blender. They should also work in Zbrush and similar 3D sculpting programs. They can also be quite useful for many different 3D graphic related projects.

I call these 3 alpha textures 'rockshell' because they should be good for detailing a shell of a space monster, a rocky surface of a planet or... feel free to use your own imagination :)





PS. Some of my files have extensions that are not supported in HIVE. Maybe someone would be nice enough to recommend me a way to share different files like .zip archives with my hive posts?

Made in Blender
Thank you for your time!


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