Tree Tuesday - Circle of Life

Here is a #treetuesday digital composition I created with some fractals, a 3d rendering and a photo.
Overall the composition turned out quite well for a few hours of work.

The overall concept is around life and death being an endless cycle in a predictable order.

The bonsai tree is from a photo I took at a botanical garden. This one is about 50-70 years old and has a nice symmetrical shape, perfect for art compositions.

The 3d element was an old model of a skull I had in my archive. The scene basically has one light and one camera in it to match the downlighting of the tree photo so it will merge together successfully.

I made a pebble texture to try and match the pebbles in the tree's pot. This is the resulting render.

Here is the textural photo with colors enhanced to bring more life into the final rendering. This image was also used to create the grayscale displacement and bump maps for the final material.

Now that the foreground elements are in place I decided to start adding some colorful background elements to tie everything together. I like using jwildfire fractals to enhance and light leak the composition.

This fractal sort of reminds me of a brain scan. It worked perfectly for overlaying on top of the skull to add some highlights that blend into the tree.

This fractal reminds me of a woven basket a bit. I used it to add some dimension around the edges of the composition in the shadowy areas.

This fractal was used as the top element to bring a grid-like order to the composition.

The tools used were 3ds max, vray, jwildfire, my phone camera and photoshop to tie everything together into the final composition. The most time consuming part was cutting out the tree from its background and of course render time in 3ds max and jwilfire. This is at a pretty high resolution so maybe one day I'll print it out as a poster.

That's all for this #treetuesday thanks for looking :-)

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