The man in grey (Oil on paper)

An happy Monday to you all! Monday is the closing day of the bookstore where I work with my hubby @paolobeneforti and my friend Elena, so it's my free day from books and my busy day on art. ^_^ To be honest, since I started to work in the bookstore I love Monday more than before (even if I remember when I worked in the office and the Monday was the first working day :P ).

This morning, after my first cup of coffee of the day, I worked on a new artwork about a man with a grey long coats and a grey hat. An elegant man with long sideburns too.

In the following pic you can see the final result:


As usual,it's an oil painting on paper (in A4 size) and I also some pics while I was painting it, so you can give a look behind the scenes.

I started with a simple sketch on the paper:


And after I started to use my oil colors:




I hope you like him!

See ya soon and stay safe

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