Greetings, friends. Here is my latest watercolor painting named "Past". I love to see a kind of small simple and beautiful place like this one. This is a corner from the old house. Her owners are already gone. They were the grandparents of my husband. I knew this people, they grew their own garden, devoted with love... Nowadays my husband and his own brother take care of it. For me this place is still alive, It brings the same feeling to me, like I could take the broom to sweep the yard.
I used a small piece of paper because I did not know what will be the final result but I made it with too much energy and devotion. I tried to create the shadows which are quite difficult because it must be done "in one breath" without any repetitions. Sometimes I used a dry brush to create the texture of the wall and the skirting of the window.
Well, I wanted to seal that fond memory on this piece of paper, a moment from the life of one old house, where somebody has lived there... In the past... This place is still alive because there are two young brothers who take care of this place...


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