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I'm not sure if I told here (I think so, but it was a long time ago), but I am a graphic designer by profession β€” logos, corporate styles, visual design of advertising materials, and so on. I've worked as a designer for quite a few years. And although I do not have a professional art education, I still have some skills, and I do not draw physical pictures, but digital ones.

When I want to relax and dive headlong into creativity, I sit and draw at my pen tablet in Adobe Illustrator. The main thing here is to make a choice in favor of drawing, and not sitting on the couch β€” I do the first touches, and then I get involved and start creating! It gives me great pleasure.

Usually, before starting to draw, I look at photographs and videos with the participation of an animal, explore and get inspired. And then I start sketching. As soon as the contour suits me, I begin to gradually fill it with a pattern with a brush. Over time, I developed my own style in such drawings, and now I have a series of images of animals in a similar style. Some I drew just for myself, some to order for logo or label design.

Well, now I want to share with you my last drawing that I made β€” this is a walrus. I drew it in order to participate in the competition of the Russian Arctic National Park: in honor of the fact that they carried out large-scale observations and research of the antarctic walrus, they decided to arrange a competition of walrus drawings in order to then use the images to design their merch: bags, souvenirs like badges, mugs, t-shirts, etc. That's what I did. How do you like the picture? :)

The walrus image was drawn by me using a Wacom Intuos pen tablet in Adobe Illustrator.

And in order to better imagine how it will look on some popular things and souvenirs, I always immediately attach the image to an object. In this case, I chose a mug, as this is one of the most popular souvenirs that can be purchased after visiting such places: a relatively inexpensive thing, but useful, and images looks good on it.

Free mockup.

Well, and I also almost always place a picture on a T-shirt for my animal series. I am interested in design issues, so I carefully approached the choice of a mockup and found one free that I really liked, since then I almost always use it to illustrate how the picture will look on the garment. I love the way it looks.

Free mockup by Ess Kay.

In that contest, I turned out to be one of the winners, so this year branded souvenirs should appear in the Russian Arctic National Park, for the design of which my image of a walrus will also be used. Maybe there will even be T-shirts too. It will be very pleasant for me, I hope I can see some of these things myself, although I do not plan to visit the park in the near future. By the way, the word in capital letters is a "walrus" in Russian, this is how it is written: "ΠΌΠΎΡ€ΠΆ".

If you are interested, I will periodically post my images in this style, past and future ones :)

This post participates in the new Qurator's Art Competition. If you haven't looked there yet, be sure to do it: now you can take part in it and at the same time come up with a name for the competition ;)

And as usual, it's better to watch the pictures in high resolution.

You can also see my photos in my blog LJ and in my profile on NatGeo. You can read a short interview with me here.

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