I did this painting for my rasta sister who gave me a place to live in. She had to leave to the States due to surgery problems in her spine. She suddenly saw this vision of the renewed version of herself freed from health problems inside and out. A version of herself in which she no longer takes her body for granted. She would tend to take care of others and forget about herself, never ask for help. This is she with all her chakras aligned, what she is coming back to.
It is a reminder that in order to help others we need to be in a good grounded place ourselves with a full cup in order to give from an overflowing cup.
There is Africa placed on the heart chakra. The chakra bridging the material and spiritual planes. This is also a symbolic for Mother Africa, placed as the centre rooted in love.

#JAHM #LERN @blackgold13 @donald.porter @julietree @lernherstory

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