I will try to my best for aer a girl pen sketch ✏️

Starting today's topic with good wishes and devotional love to all, I think people's emotions can be won by love and good behavior and also by good deeds and that's what I'm trying to do because good deeds always pay off. He is doing well, no matter how big obstacles he faces, people will give him the results of his good deeds one day or the other. I am trying hard to win people's hearts. Share step by step thanks everyone hope you will support me and be by my side to take a measure to help new users in future days.


Step 1

In the first part of drawing the picture, I have drawn a part of the head cap and an eye part and some parts of the hand and chest. I think if a picture is described step by step it will be easier for everyone to understand, that's why I am describing it step by step through the picture. I hope you can learn from it. Or you can try it yourself

Step 2

Step 3

step 4

Last step

My artwork..

Thanks for everyone and special thanks for @untilwelearn

And also @ecency ..

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