A Strange Figure

Hello Everyone!

This is my latest artwork, A Strange Figure. The piece is inspired by a neon city in a futuristic setting, but with minimal detail to look like a painting.

This is the original artwork which was rendered in Cycles render engine in Blender

A strange Figure JPG.jpg

An alternate version of the artwork rendered in Eevee render engine in Blender

Evvee JPG.jpg

The artwork was made using Blender and Clo3D (or Marvelous Designer). The strange outfit the character is wearing (the Jacket and the sock leggings) was made in Clo3D (and Marvelous Designer, I use both for various reasons)

Screenshot 2021-06-15 085352.jpg

The outfit was posed and exported as an obj file to Blender to setup the scenery, lighting and the materials.


The scenery is made with a simple and minimal approach using just one material and few lights. The complicated step in creating this artwork was creating the outfit.

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Note: This post was updated to give more detailed information about the creative process behind this artwork

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