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This is stunning. It literally took my breathe away. This is an incredible sculpture @ammonite, so well done. The details you capture always amaze me, such as the anatomy on the figures, the cloth that’s like cloth. At the same time, the whole piece is almost like a stone carving, if you don’t mind my saying that. It would be incredible in stone as well. I’m a little biased towards stone, so there is that.

Something I like very much about the sculptures you do, whether it’s sand, ice, or snow, is the “temporary nature” of the medium. That appeals to me and resonates with me on a personal level. Even stone is temporary, it just takes a long time to occur naturally. With the mediums you work in, this temporary nature is highlighted.

I see what you say about the male figure, your points. Perhaps if you’d made both figures too similar that would not have appeal either? I rather like it the way the male figure is positioned, it creates an interesting emotional quality that is both similar and yet more intense than the female figure’s.

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