Horse ride


Today's painting is of some horse riders. The light in this picture reflects from the waterbody and shimmers and then it is reflected.. there is a shadow in the same region and the horse splashes it too so it's a complete reflection painting package. Very hard to do.

The sketch was simple .. main objective was to get the horses look like horses and not donkeys 😁


The image itself very beautiful with the far mountains blue at the left and with snow cap on the right which has more reds when near
This was lot easier to paint when compared to what was coming.

The landscape was yellowish but varies a lot with red and green .. had to do a gradient wash and lot of other colours going in.


Then I went to paint the water. This was a mistake I guess, it should have been painted before the land mass and would have been easier. The shimmers were done with dry brush while the water itself is too light at the far places and comes more bluer and darker when near.

The reflections had some green and brown to it was very difficult to keep up with.. and then there are some violets in the shadow of horses

Finally painted the horses.. they were mostly brown but the reflection on its back is kind of blue which is odd .. but real.. somehow managed to do it without much mess .. and there wer three horses and so the chances were three fold 😁





Total time 90 min
10x14 in 440 gsm handmade cotton paper


3 columns
2 columns
1 column