My Entry for Splinterlands Art Contest || Week 89 || Blood sucking fire monster


I haven't taken part in the art contest in a very long time. Recently i saw the entry of Yanes94 and her art made me want to make something too...

I sat down a few hours after that to draw but i couldn't set my mind and that was a failed attempt. I thought i wasn't going to participate but i was in bed and i couldn't sleep so i decided to use that time to at least try again.

The first time i wanted to draw the fire demon from fire splinter, so i used the fire demons style and color palette in this one... At the beginning i was going to keep it very simple with fiery hair but then made those vampiric teeth.

Here are some process shots and description:

Of course i started with a sketch. At first i took a picture of myself in that pose(it was not a good one btw). Just so i could understand how the head planes work in that angle. I am still not comfortable drawing every head angle from imagination....

Screenshot 2217.png

After sketching i took a new layer and filled it with dark orange color. I immediately started to draw on that very layer with a square brush....
Screenshot 2218.png
Screenshot 2219.png

For the hand i took a new layer and another new layer for the dripping blood... I hope people understand that thing....
Screenshot 2220.png
Screenshot 2221.png

Screenshot 2222.png
Screenshot 2223.png
Screenshot 2224.png

I feel like it was mess of colors..... There wasn't much contrast and at some point i felt like it all looked kind of dull. But i hope someone likes it....

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