Reaching for the Light


Even in times that seem hopeless and all seems dark, a shift in perspective might reveal to you a glimmer of the light of opportunity, and thus hope to inspire you forward, from survival, to enduring, to thriving.

It all starts with making ourselves aware of what within ourselves (thoughts and emotions) and our immediate external environment that we can change; the things that are within our grasp.

The world may have gone mad around you, but if you can make even a small change in your own personal world, your life, then that too is a change in the greater world around you.

An ocean is made up of many small drops of water. Everything has a tipping point, maybe your small action is that one tiny drop that starts the chain reaction, redirects the momentum to a new direction.

"Reaching for the Light", Leo Plaw, 30 x 40cm, oil on canvas

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