My first attempt in doing some digital painting

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Recently I got the muse again to do some artworks and this time I want to try something new which is digital painting. I am just trying out so I haven't planned to invest much just yet. My tablet is indeed not a special graphic tablet for drawing but I think it's fine for now. There are plenty of free painting softwares for Android afterall. The only thing I need to buy is a stylus pen. Unfortunately my tablet doesn't support the active stylus pen so I can only use an universal stylus pen. It's not perfect for drawing but for now it should be all right. I don't know if I'd like this style of art afterall. I also tried to use my smartphone to draw a bit. It's not so convenient since the screen is rather small but my phone has better technology than the tablet so it is still more comfortable to draw anyhow. The following pictures and video are the result of my first effort to learn digital painting. I must say that it is really not easy... Conventional way of painting is far more easier to do in my opinion 😅. However I haven't given up yet... 加油!!! I will definitely try again 🤭😁.

The last few pictures are the masterpieces of my little toddler. She is just 4 yo, but she is also fond of scribbling like Mummy.

Few of thems are drawn on paper and the other ones are drawn on digital paper too 😊.
She is just 4 yo, but she is also fond of scribbling like Mummy. She even wrote the name of the figure she drew by her self.
Yes, she had learnt to write too.
I have no idea how she came up with the name 😁🤭.
She calls the girl on the drawing "JURALI", as you can see in one of the drawing.
Sometimes I let her use my tablet for drawing too, so she learns basically the same thing as Mummy does 😉☺️, but of course with the painting software for children.
Medibang or Autodesk is complicated, even for me LOL.
Thanks for the upvotes by the way 🙏😘.

This one is an unfinished work 😂, and I gave up cos I can't save it anymore.


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