The drawing has mistakes

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting in this community, I'd love to get to know everyone here. I'm Loan, from Viet Nam.
I've been on the hive for over a month. When I first joined Hive, the first community that I thought to and searched for was the Art community because I enjoyed painting although I did not study drawing or do anything related to painting. I haven't been able to post anything here before because I haven't been drawing for a long time and I don't have the confidence to draw anymore. Probably more than 10 years. I'm here mainly to see people's drawings. Really worth learning, I like all the drawings here.
I used to love to draw, I could sit all day drawing what I liked, but I never learned to draw professionally. For some personal reasons, I had to give up this passion. Since then, I no longer draw. Today, seeing my daughter engrossed in drawing, I remember myself again in past. I tried holding the pen to draw again, my hands are now rough, no longer soft, emotions are not as much as before. And the first drawing after more than 10 years of giving up pen was finally unsuccessful. It also had a piece of paper torn at its mouth. Yes, sure, this is a faulty drawing by an amateur with a lot of mistakes. Hope you don't laugh 😀😊

she is my daughter

I enjoyed learning to draw, but now I don't have the time or the opportunity to do it anymore. Fortunately, there is still a community dedicated to art lovers on Hive. Thanks to this community, thanks to everyone's drawings, I will definitely find the feeling to draw again. I'm sure my next drawings will improve and hopefully it won't be buggy anymore.
Finally, thanks to this community for me an opportunity to learn and share about Art. Thanks to all of you for stopping at my post and reading my sharing. Have a fun new week.

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