Preview of Defend the Seas NFT Promo drop

Here is a preview of one of the NFT drops I created for @defendtheseas / @oceandefense


UPDATE! @defendtheseas is already giving some away on their instagram account
Drop your OpenSea Eth address into the comments for a free promo NFT. This one. But proper.

The full size is 1000x1200. This is just a small gif of the final product. The waves are much smoother when viewing the actual NFT and there is also audio over it. Spent several hours getting this primped for ya'll.

This NFT will be the promo drop, or one of them, from Defend the Seas (@defendtheseas) which is raising funds for Marine Conservation efforts.

Go follow @defendtheseas and @oceandefense if you want one. They're still building their account but I have this to show off already.

Wanna buy some art? Click the link --->

NFTs are available on NFTshowroom at
and Opensea at

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