My first pastel work (self-portrait)


Hi, fellas good morning to everyone. My first pastel taste in the world of art
Which is quite interesting and fabulous.
I made my drawing with a charcoal stick and start applying the colors but it get to the level I got confused about the flow of my application of chalks and color usage. So I discuss this with a friend of mine bob-dray who is used to pastel before always curious and ask him a lot of questions about why using the pastel, the application, and stages.


So I used my face to learn the new medium skill I was scared to apply the pastel on the chipboard paper I started it one of my friends told me he used to applied his own and used his hand to blend it through.

But I love applying without the blending techniques of which I love to leave the stroke the way it's was and I stick to my mind.
I started applying it and express different color to portray the mood and take it away from photography, some of my colleagues are enjoying the way am applying my chalks and colors giving me the vibes.
Later one of our tutors came around and said good job this is great have you been using pastel before I said no, this was my first time.
I was so happy and overjoy in my heart for my tutor and colleagues to appreciate and acknowledge my first chalk pastel. I give big thanks to God Almighty for strengthening me back and the loved ones around me. Thanks.






Medium: chalk pastel
Method: stroke techniques
Material: chipboard paper

Thanks for stopping by all time I did like to welcome your warm comment and suggestions. Thank you.

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