Augmented reality layer for my art

I've always wanted to link traditional art with digital art because these two medium are my favorite! I love painting with actual brushes and at the same time experiment with animation, photography, and anything digital. As an artist, I am naturally curious and love to experiment.

Thanks to technology, now it's possible to link both worlds!

Creating an Augmented Reality (AR) layer

One of the ways where I can link the two is using an AR layer. Basically you can create any animations or digital counterpart with your traditional paintings or anything that you'd like it to connect with... then there are several apps in the market that you could use so you'll be able to link it.

How it works?

You just download a certain app (in my case Artivive app) and you just hover your camera on the painting and the animated version (or digital version) automatically shows up so your painting looks like it's moving on your screen.

It's really pretty cool that's why I want to do this more often!

For my Portrait Of The Unknown painting, I used Adobe After Effects for animating it. It took me quite a while to figure out how to do it and thanks to tutorials on the internet, I was able to finally do it.

There were only 2 layers: The one showing the face and the green cover on top.


Me animating on After Effects

The AR layers

And here is the result. I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Portrait of the unknown gif smallest.gif

Portrait Of The Unknown (AR)

Blame Game gif.gif

Blame Game (AR)

How to view it

The best way to view the animated version is of course be there in front of my traditional paintings and scan it on your phone. But since we aren't in the exhibition proper (haha) you can just scan the still image and it will still work.

To do it, you can download Artivive app on App Store or Google Play Store. Just allow the camera access and hover your camera on these still images.

Then see the magic happen.

Portrait Of The Unknown.jpg

Blame Game.jpg

Like I said, it works best on a traditional exhibit (physical) and an audience will only see the animated version on the app (and not here on the blog haha). But yeah, that's how you do it.

And you can, too!

Anyway, I'm really happy for these works to be exhibited in Paris and I also informed the curator who presented my works to VIP clients that it has an AR layer so hopefully they were able to successfully view it on there.

And oh, I was also informed that they are keeping my works there until September (they asked first and I agreed) because some clients want to buy my works and they want some time to decide but the curators are flying to London immediately for their next exhibit there.

Hopefully they will decide fast (and will decide to buy lmao) cos I have other plans on it too if it didn't get sold.

I'm just glad they liked it all in all! :D

(Oh, and ofc the buyer will get an NFT counterpart of the physical ones!)

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