"Blue Velvet" by David Lynch. My movie poster

I'm a big movie fan, so I've already compiled a huge list of films for which I want to make movie posters)

David Lynch must be among this list, because it is impossible to remain indifferent to each of his works.

For many, Lynch's work is something abstract, incomprehensible and repulsive. It always seemed to me that the key to understanding his films lies in the very perception of a person. You should not look for a clear meaning and a linear plot - you need to watch these films as if you were watching a dream, look for images, signals and hidden clues. Only then will the magical world of Lynch show its beautiful face.

"Blue Velvet", my movie poster

Getting started with the creative process, I chose my favorite movie "Blue Velvet" for its duality - the theme of the dark world, which is hidden behind the light facade of small American houses.

In "Blue Velvet" Lynch skillfully whips up fear, even where the viewer should not be scared. The film gives birth to a mystical world that captures the head and does not let you come off for a second, keeps you in suspense from the first to the last frame. And this is the main feature: the plot in the film is far from the most important thing, the main thing is the atmosphere. And it's beautiful.

"Blue Velvet", Jeffrey and Dorothy

How do you feel about the works of David Lynch?

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