I am not a robot


Yesterday I've been traveling non stop for about 24 hours. Went to Far East conducting Sri Sri Yoga Deep Dive retreat at the sea shore but I'm not a robot neither we are. Everything is touching my heart here: area where I grew up, strongest souls of people and my own feeling of connection to myself. I felt as if I grabbed my consciousness out back to me from people's opinions, interests and ideas. I'm nulled. I like this feeling so much. This is a new beginning. I finally listen to myself. I can hear myself, not others. And I like this song because it is totally mine. I'll stay here for some short time to soak in this state and then I'll move on new and fresh. It's like you were sick for few years and then finally got healed and went back home from the hospital. Such a pleasant time. Grateful to my doctor. Happy to see all my friends.

Have you heard this song by Phoenix?

If I ever feel better
Remind me to spend some good time with you
You can give me your number
When it's all over I'll let you know
It's all over now. It's all over.


I hope you like my art and I am really greatful for your non-robotic bot free attention.

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