A true warrior

Someone finds salvation in everyone, another only pain
Someone tries to hide himself, down inside himself he prays
Someone swears his true love until the end of time, another runs away
Separate or united, healthy or insane...

While I was listening to Audioslave's great song Be yourself.... And putting it on repeat... because I need it, I was thinking of how powerful it is to fight to dream.

I am not feeling a woman of many words today. But my art can speak for me when I feel lost for words. Especially my facepainting/bodypainting.




I know that no matter how much people try to bring me down and behave badly and do injustice to me, I am sure that I will find within myself the power to get up. I know I can't be defeated because I never quit. If people tell me I am a problem, then I will make them a favour and remove myself from their lives. For good. It is the biggest thing you can do for yourself: distancing from petty negative people filled with cynism and arrogance. This bodypainting is about fighting for your dreams. For yourself.




Fighting for yourself means fighting for what you stand for. Accepting to lose a battle in order to win the war. I might be down once in a while, but like a true warrior, I always get up. Stronger, better, wiser. And I'll know what to do when I'll cross paths again with those who watched me go down hoping I won't stand to fight another day.




Watch me from the distance and admire my success knowing you won't be part of it. That's the beauty of a warrior: he is never afraid of losing a battle as long as he doesn't lose himself.

Have an extraordinary day and toodle loo!

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