How To Paint Misty Landscape With Acrylic

Hello Hiver friends, How are you doing? I wish you are well. Welcome to my art blog! I will be sharing to you today my latest misty landscape that I have created today. I painted this using acrylic medium. Most of the time I paint landscape painting, these are always my painting reference because I loved natural scenery, and the calming beauty of nature.

Today's post I am going to demonstrate the step by step process on how to paint a misty landscape. You will learn some basic principle that most commonly use in acrylic medium.

Materials Needed:
• Watercolor Paper
• Pencil and eraser
• Ruler
• Clean Water
• Rag
• Paper napkin

Acrylic Paint:
• Titanium White
• Black
• Burnt Sienna
• Grass Green
• Lemon Yellow
• Yellow Ochre

• Flat Brush /small #10, 10/32 / 8.0mm
• Liner Brush #2 / 2/32" / 1.6mm
• Round Brush #8 / 5/32" / 4.0mm
• Filbert brush

Painting Process:I make outline or sketch of my painting reference. Since this is a misty landscape, I mixed titanium white and very small amount of black and I started painting the background with a small flat brush.

For this part I painted first the distance tree trunks and also the tree trunks that is near to the viewer. I used round brush in creating tree trunks. Basically the distance tree trunks is lighter in color, I simply used white and black. While the trees in the middle ground must be darker color, I mixed black and burnt sienna for these trees.

Painting the leaves for the distance trees, the texture of the leaves are lighter or pale. You don't need a lot of detail, just some leaves and couple of detail. The color I used for the foreground trees are grass green and black. I used filbert brush in creating the leaves.

I put highlights of the tree trunks with burnt sienna mixed with white.

Lemon yellow and small amount of white for the highlights of the leaves. Likewise I put bushes and grasses to adds beauty and balance of the landscape.

For the first layer I used black and grass green, the highlights are yellow ochre and lemon yellow and a touch of white. I used flat brush for this part.

Lastly, I put some limbs of the trees to make it alive. Then it's DONE!

I hope you can try this at your home, and try to follow the step by step procedure on how to paint a misty landscape. I try to demonstrate the best of my ability with regards of this painting. I wish you will succeed in the future.

That's all for today, I hope I give you some inspiration through this painting with acrylic style of painting. Thank you for stopping by and God bless hiver friends.
Happy Painting!😀 Have a Great day!


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