"Always Growing" an Illustration by Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff

My latest piece of work already started making the rounds on my other social media yesterday, but I didn't want to forget to share it here on Hive and also add it to my PeakD Portfolio!

I'm calling it "Always Growing" which is a nod to the story, character, and nature of Julie, the spirited dryad from my comic "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..."

This was a fun exercise in some brushes and materials that are not typically in my stylistic wheelhouse. As I progressed my more natural tendencies emerged and it evolved into a hybrid of my normal hardline ink style and some more expressive textures and markmaking!

This piece was done in Clip Studio Paint on an iPad Pro. I utilized a selection from Ittai Manero's paper collection to complement the watercolor and textured ink brushes I used.

Always Growing web.png

I shared the work in progress of this image a bit over a week ago. Man! I already cringe looking at that... but I was excited by the possibilites and overall direction it was starting to go and I'm glad I stuck with it.

That's a recent trend in my art that is becoming rather consistent. I find myself developing sketches and layouts that I'm initially excited by, but I thankfully find a lot of flaws and really wrestle with the work to refine it into a finished piece that I'm much happier with. It's always a balancing act between letting go too soon or too late though!

Always Growing prelim.png

Much has occurred in the last week as this image was finished! I quit my job to explore a creative career full time! The outpouring of support and encouragement on that post has been wonderful and I can't thank everyone here in the Hive community enough.

And a huge thanks to those supporting me on @NFTShowroom! It is one of the many avenues of exploration I'll be devoting more time to as I enter this new phase of life! I minted "Always Growing" there last night in a limited edition of 5. @kommienezuspadt snapped up an edition straightaway and has also been a huge advocate for me in my pursuit of an artistic career. So a huge thanks to Lars, and if you're not already following and supporting him, start!

NFT Showroom 2021-04-01.png

Thanks for reading, and again a huge thanks to everyone for all you've done to help me in my creative endeavors! I plan on being back tomorrow with a special "Follow Friday" post highlighting a couple new Hiveans to look out for!

Until then!

-Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff

Follow me for more behind the scenes looks at the creation of "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..." Your votes help support its production! Also look for limited edition digital artwork for sale on NFTShowroom.com


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