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Well here we go.... new to HIVE squeeeee (Got here because i play #splinterlands as well as paint...)

Some lovely intro people suggested that i post over in this group. I dabble with #art and #painting in my spare time when i'm not kid wrangling and dealing with deadly snakes in my back garden... (Australia)

I would LOVE to chat to some other artists on here. Totally new to HIVE so if i'm making any faux pax, let me know...

I paint such a mixture of things, i can never decide on a theme.... Still life, landscapes, daily painting, acrylic pouring, just everything. #dailypainting would be my main one though as i am so time poor at the moment....

" "Snapshot_93.png""

Introduction to my studio

I currently have a very messy art room in the back room. the walls are hideous and the windows inadequate... but its mine to paint in which i am very thankful for:-)

![ " "IMG_5633.jpg""]

Sometimes it might be a little cleaner that others... just don't look under the desk lol... boxes and rubbish everywhere. And more paint...

" "Snapshot_51.png""

Sometimes i let my husband draw in here too..

but he doesn't wash my brushes very well.... grr...

" "IMG_4863.jpg""


Ive been know to do some darker things not just pretty little things... lol

This was done with lots of layers of gesso and paint...

" "Snapshot_22.png""


Most of the time i paint daily paintings, most of these are under 2 hours to complete. some as little as 30 mins.

" "Snapshot_33.png""


" "Snapshot_56.png""

" "Snapshot_59.png""


thanks for looking i really appreciate it. I have no idea what to post over here but i might do some blog post of my process and some #arttutorials. I Do post over on You tube.

thanks so much


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