Iza the fanged | splinterlands art contest week 207

Hello lovely people! I'm back with another attempt at art improvement and in the splinterlands weekly art contest. I don't really aim to win, but I just attempt for the sake of art motivation since I always like having something to anticipate when I draw. It serves as a motivator of sorts XD

Anyways, for this week, I though I would just go with a simple portrait of Iza the fanged. I have no idea why I chose her. I think it was because of the simple details but yeah. I made her.

So this is my portrai take on Iza the fanged OwO I really think I'm getting back to my old digital style since the blending looks a lot smoother than my previos works. I'm still pretty much lacking in details though but that's okay, that can easily be remedied with finding more brushes on medibang. For now, I'm sticking with the oil paint and airbrush brushes because that's what I used to make this.

And here is the course of progression the artwork took

I forgot to do progression shot for this again,, oh well. I just hope you guys find the timelapse gifs as satisfying as I do.

I actually made an attempt with the medibang watercolor brush and the blending just sucked. I don't think the watercolor brush in medibang has a color dilution adjustment, only the color load adjustment, but yeah. look at how blothy this one looks.

I mean, the colors just fade at some areas while the rest loo too colorful. i did start to change palette here because I mostly work in monotones.

Software used: Medibang paint (mostly used oil paint brush, pencil and airbush)
duration: 3 hours, 3 minutes total

I mostly based on this image:

![](Uploading... Iza the Fanged.png)
which was taken from here

Thank you for making it all the way here! Until the next time I write!

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