Splinterlands contest- silent sha-vi

Hello Friends. How are you doing? I’m back again but now I made a fan art for the contest. This is my entry for this week. I haven’t participated in this contest for some months. It is said to explain the process of making the fan art so now in this post I’m gonna share how I made this fan art. My fan art is inspired by this card which is named silent sha-vi. Back then when I was at elementary school I remember I had a very big obsession with skulls, Always drawing bones and skulls in my books. I always inspire from animals and all my art about them and right after seeing this card this idea popped up: “Show how dangerous it can get. Showing sign of death” and this two together made me to draw this. The sha-vi circling around the skull showing how powerful it is.
The photo of the card I inspired from:

Steps of the drawing
These photos show step by step shading

Wish everyone in the contest a good luck💚

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