Getting back to drawing after 18 years - Angel of Finality

I used to be a good artist, but I took an arrow to the inspiration and focus.

No but seriously, when I was younger I used to draw all the time both original and copied pieces.

My dad owns a Comic Book store since 1992, so you can imagine how much original source material I had at hand to copy from.

I stopped drawing because I didn't think I was a great artist, in fact, I thought of myself as a mediocre one because I only had one style and, despite the drawings being quite good for my age - my drawing phase was between 5 and 13 years old -, I always thought I could do better.

I never had someone to encourage me to keep drawing or stay focused, or someone to tell me it's normal for an artist to always think his pieces can improve, but that's no reason to stop doing it.

This is the final version of a hand drawn angel I did a few days ago:


It could be better, I know, especially in some areas where it's obvious I have little to no experience - ehm, hands, eyes, nose, maybe even body proportions - but overall, it's not that bad considering it's been almost 20 years since I picked up a pencil to do something like this.

This is the original art called Angel of Finality by Howard Lyon.

Angel of Finality by Howard Lyon.jpg

I'm a big fan of the card game Magic: The Gathering, not only because of the gameplay but also because of the art involved in the game.

Angels, dragons and demons are only a type of hundreds that make up this game, but angels are probably my favorite. I downloaded around 100+ images of art cards I loved throughout my MTG active playing phase and I intend to draw them all.

I started to draw again by copying, not by making original pieces because I want to get back in the game by taking baby steps before I jump in the rodeo.

This is the process, my first process in almost two decades:


I guess I'm posting in this art community because I want Your opinion about my drawing. Be harsh, be honest, be sincere. What do you think of it? What can I do better? How can I improve?

Do you have any tips or recommendations for me to get better at this?

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