NFTs and a new kind of filmmaking art

I'm a filmmaker with rather long-time experience in narrative and documentary work, including a lot of shooting for United Nations in Afghanistan and Somalia.
In filmmaking, the only way you can express yourself is through films (usually short ones). But even rebel filmmaking approach to creating a short film requires a lot of effort from a lot of people and often - compromises. While something short and self-made was never interesting for filmmaking world - neither for festivals, nor for the viewers.
Enter NFTs. Most of the artists who rushed into NFTs either come from classic art (paintings, photography) or digital art (3D animations and illustrations). While this is a great opportunity for them to monetise their art and become more independent, I think it's also a great opportunity for new kind of art to evolve.
Like in my case, I have many collections in mind, sometimes story-based, sometimes emotion-based, but always an interesting fusion of filmmaking and short-form art. And I think a new generation of filmmaking artist will appear on this arena.
Hoping to become one of them.

You can find my art at


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