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Hello #hive @onchainart , Going deep with my memory lane re creating my imaginary bedroom as a teenager, And since I never got one I might just re build it in CG !


A Sci Fi themed bedroom filled with warm mixed lights for a cozy overall feel, Mixing cold blue color while adding Orange and pink to add some warm and create beautiful balance in lighting and make it comfy to stay in for hours and hours.



  • Scene Set up

I started building up the scene with elements from my previous personal artworks and projects, A busy teenager bedroom full of props and elements to create a busy life feel.


I kept my textures to a minimal, Since my focus on this scene is on the lighting, And since I am creating a dark night feel most of the elements will be in the shadows, So a simple color might just do the work, While I put in more details on larger items effected by the lights


And this is the wireframe version of the whole set !



  • Lighting Setup

I wanted to show my lights on a clay material, Showing the balance from the lights coming from the windows plus my interior lights, I did not want to bring in lots of lights from the outside, By so the scene will be over lit and the feel of night time would be gone.


These are my windows lights, Creating a slight blue ish hue and tone all over



  • Render Passes

I used couple of render passes for my final look, As I wont need many render layers, Keeping things simple and neat is the goal, Plus I always make sure my render reaches around 95% of the final look as small touches can be added in the final comp.

I started as always with ID pass, To separate all my elements which makes is easy for me to select and edit or color correct each element without effecting the whole scene .


Volume or ( Fog ) pass is to create more or a realistic dusty look, I add this pass as Screen in photoshop for more details in the look.


And for my deep shadows, My fav pass ambient occlusion put as multiply


I added extra pass this time called Diffuse, This pass gives a flat look of the colors / textures in the scene, Can be added in multiple channels as Hue or Color it depends on the look you want, The pass can be used to enhance your colors if needed


As for my raw Maya render look, This was the final Maya render look


And this is the final look :)


Let me know what you think :) , And can share what was the theme of your bedroom !

Maya | Arnold | Lightroom


For more work's Feel free to go through my works on Vimeo

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