Getting to Know Thousand Hivers - Progress: 14/1000

I'm drawing the usernames for the HIVE users I interact with. Creative, Personal, and Filled with Community Luv. 💞


As I know more people on HIVE, I'll write their usernames with my hand, and turn them into personalized drawings inspired by their HIVE pages or my relationship with them.

The goal is to reach 1000 usernames drawn by the end of this project.


I started drawing usernames for Hivers who bought my Digital Funding Tokens Hivers who buy these tokens will get beneficiary rewards on my regular posts, and get their username drawn on a transparent background. Learn about DFTs in this article: "Beneficiary Rotating Rewards."

After drawing @alessandrawhite's name in one of the Creative Work Hour meetings, I realized I enjoyed drawing these. I loved thinking of the colors the people I draw for would like.

I thought, "It'll be amazing if I managed 100 of these." "Do I even know 100 people on HIVE?" A few days later, the 1000 usernames project started!

Special Mentions

In this installment of username art pieces, I added a few of the users I met on D.Buzz.

@chrisrice is a member of the D.Buzz team and he's a pleasant person to talk to. I like his "loving-kindness" wisdom, and he's very dedicated to spreading the spirit of decentralization of HIVE to as many people as possible.

@mehmetfix is one of the people I consider friends on this platform. I smile whenever I see a comment from him in my notification. I always refer to him as "my Turkish friend" to my family. He's an active member on D.Buzz and the Turkish community on HIVE.

In D.Buzz I met @jimmy.adames too. His daily buzzes became a spot where I reflected on what I did each day as I commented on him. I'm not as active on D.Buzz nowadays, but I look forward to seeing his buzzes again.

@gtpacheko17 has similar interests to me when it comes to gaming technology. We seem to watch similar videos about gaming Handhelds and are both interested in gaming on Linux. Happy to see a kindred spirit on HIVE.

Finally, the two who commented on the previous post. @john0928 was the first to ask me to make a username art for him soon after I posted about it. @bradleyarrow is someone I met in LeoThreads and we commented on a few of each other threads there. Thank you both for showing interest in the project!

Hivers on the List So Far

Alphabetical Order:


Can I Use These Drawings In My Content?

Free to use anywhere on HIVE: You can use these username art pieces on your Hive posts or incorporate them in your designs. Attributing these drawings to me (@ahmadmanga) is appreciated but unnecessary.

Beneficiary Rewards are Appreciated: While payment isn't necessary, donations and shares of your post earnings will help me create more of these. If possible, I'd like you to add me as a beneficiary in one of your posts using these username arts. You only have to do this once. (5% Beneficiary is enough.)

Ask for Permission for Use Outside HIVE: If you want to use your username drawing outside of HIVE, I'd like to know about it, ask for permission in the comments.

Payment Required for Commercial Use: If you want to incorporate your username art in NFTs, or Commercial Content (for example as a Logo on Youtube videos.) I'd like a payment from you. This should be one upfront payment. The price I ask would vary on a case-by-case basis, but I promise I'll be fair.

Thanks for Reading

This is a recurring post series where I share my progress as I make more of these username arts. Check the previous post here. I wonder who'll be in the next installment.

Salam (Peace.)

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