Jeremy and Nami - Introducing to the Cat Communities

Hello lovely Steemians !


Hey there Cat Lovers. The Communities are finally active and I directly looked up the existing Cat Communities. I really love Cats and as you are here, reading my post, I know that you love them too ;) .. I want to introduce my two cuties Jeremy and Nami to you. Jeremy is 24 months old and Nami is 16 months old. They are still quite young and both are Russian Blue cats. Here you can see them hanging out in the hammock at the cat tree. Sometimes while Nami is sleeping there alone, Jeremy stays guard there observing the area ^^


Jeremy has a huge hobby, namely sleeping. He can actually do it everywhere, even in the most weird positions. But his favorite place is the couch, more specifically the place where I prefer to sit. I do not know how he is doing it, but he kind of knows it every time when I want to sit down there as he quickly rushes there all the time and occupies it first ;) .. He is a very uncomplicated cat, never complains, never scratches the walls or doors, or eats anything else then his regular cat food!


Contrary to Jeremy, Nami is a little beast. Her character is quite the opposite. She is noisy, responsible for several meters of damaged wallpaper already, and uses every single chance to steel your food in the most spectacular ways. Most often she is even annoying Jeremy, but at the end of the day she loves to cuddle and becomes as sweet as you can imagine.


I hope that you enjoyed my introduction post of Jeremy and Nami to the Cat Communities. I am sure that you will be able to enjoy much more of them in the future and like to see your cute fur-balls too ^^

All pictures were taken by myself, ©@adalger, with a Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone. They were recompiled in a new layout especially for introducing Jeremy and Nami to the Cat Communities.







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