Three of the most interesting Indian historical films worth watching at least once in your life.

Some of the most interesting Indian historical films worth watching at least once in your life.

No matter what happens, these movie titles that i present in this post, from my point of view, are worth a few hours of your life. Whether you are a fan of romance, drama, action or comedy, there you will surely discover a movie for your soul. Below is a list of Indian movies you can should watch in your precious time - just a top three of epic historical dramas that i recommend.

1) Baahubali: The Beginning from 2015

Honestly, i was pleasantly surprised by what those screenwriters, directors, were able to create. At least the graphics, from my point of view, are at the level of Hollywood and the story being an Indian story - normal, to be lot of music (a musical film, very special - normally it's something specific to them). I really liked it and i think it was worth the time.

A little summary

Born in an isolated village, Shivudu spends his youth care free, doing only what his heart desires. Due to his courage and curiosity, he ventures into an unknown land. During the journey he will discover not only love, but also something that will change his destiny once and for all.

I recommend with confidence, the film contains a beautiful and interesting story that will not disappoint you. In 2017, the second part was published Baahubali 2: The Conclusion, but i was totally disappointed - maybe after the first 15, ok maybe some more minutes i started to get bored. However, i say that it would be worth trying to watch, maybe you will like it. Anyway, the first part was bestial, i didn't detach myself from the screen of my device until it was over.

2) Asoka from 2001
This awesome creation, is a drama movie based from history of India, in which it is presented - in an epic way - a part from the dramatic life of Emperor Asoka, from the Maurya dynasty. It is a production of Indian cinema that is worth watching.

The film shows us a journey of an ambitious king who fought a bloody war with the neighboring kingdom of Kalinga. Ok, it's interesting that this ASOKA character was actually the 3rd Indian Emperor of the Mauryan Dynasty. It remains in Indian history as a symbol of peace and non-violence. Yep, he's an interesting historical figure - I recommend the movie, it's worth it.


Leaving behind his native kingdom Magadha, ASOKA meets an old man who tells him that the Emperor himself is an ordinary man, but that his destiny is to be more than just an Emperor.

So far i have seen many Indian movies and i can say that this is one of my favorites. It is a very good film, with a wonderful and impressive story, which combines history and war, with a beautiful and powerful love story - it has everything to please everyone. Indeed, the film deserves all the time in the world, try not to avoid this title.

3) Veer from 2010
The film is really good, it doesn't bore you, it has beautiful music and artistically placed when it should be.

The film shows us the courage, devotion and unconditional love of a warrior with a dramatic destiny. The action is set in 1875, at a time when the British were trying to take over India. But, it seems that our main hero and his clan oppose and are determined to fight, against the British to the last man to defend their country.

Enjoy your valuable time - Cheers to everyone.

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