Win.Hive's Daily HIVE Drawing for 8/12/2023

Enter for Your Chance to Win Free HIVE for Life!

Sound to good to be true, well read on!


The Prize

100% of the liquid HIVE author rewards from this post will be used to purchase HSBI units for the winner. A minimum of 1 HSBI will be awarded, but additional HSBI may be won based on the rewards for this post.

You do not need to upvote this post, however, your support will help grow the size of the award and is very much appreciated.

What is Hive SBI, and How Is It HIVE For Life?

Hive SBI stands for Hive Stake Basic Income units. HSBI can be earned when someone donates HIVE to the HSBI account in your name, and when you donate HIVE in someone elses name.

Each SBI unit you own is like earning HIVE for life because you will receive up-votes from the HSBI account. The more HSBI units you have, the higher and more frequent the up-votes will be. Learn more about HSBI here and on their discord.

How a Winner is Chosen

Each unique HIVE user who comments (excluding BOTS and banned accounts) will receive one ticket.

Each unique HIVE user who re-blogs this post will receive another ticket.

Then one Lucky Ticket is drawn randomly using our random number generator.

tenor (1).gif

Comment And/Or Reblog Now To Enter!

Draw for 8-4-2023

Thanks to all who entered the draw on 8-4-2023.

Your support helped build today's prize of 3 HSBI Units.


Here are the entries for today's draw:

Tickets For Comments

CommenterTicket Number

Tickets For Reblogs

RebloggerTicket Number

Good luck to everyone!


Going to the random number generator gives us lucky ticket number 11 which belongs to our lucky winner:

@savvytester who earned their ticket by commenting on this post!

@savvytester, a purchase of 3 HSBI units has been made in your name.


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