Weekly "improvement" of this account #7

Hello everyone, the account @memess.fun is my fun curation account, if you want to know i curate the following tags : #fun / #funny / #lolz and #play2earn

Thinking about it with these weekly post you will discover what are the voting power available to upvote your amazing post in the #fun / #funny / #lolz and #play2earn tags

Since the account only curate tags with fun and lolz token enabled, i will only stake and keep HivePower, lolz, fun. The other coin will be delegated to curation account (like the @lolztoken one 😉)

(i love this image, made by me btw, i like how it seem a bit cheap)

This week i made it to a total of 38.023 Hive-power (30.137 HP from delegation) for curation and commenting
I now have 5 721 Fun power (5135 from delegation)

and 663 Lolz power ready to upvote your posts
each day some new token like some BEE or PIMP are collected too

Hope you liked this post, and have an amazing day on hive

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