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Screenshot of one of my planets on SteemNova

Hello again, fellow pilots and you civilians out there!

In my last post, I detailed the stats of my NFT planet, which is an ice world. There are only about 4 species of animals to be found so my Scientific party will probably be spending more time researching the 16 different types of ores available on the planet. The Aniavipax creature sounds interesting, though. Maybe it will look like this.

No Man's Sky_20210604194459.jpg
Screenshot of an animal I hatched in No Man's Sky.

Pretty soon, our planets will be locked in and then it will be impossible to get a different one. Based on the effort it took to successfully evacuate (with a Scientific build) and to scan and land on the planet without getting vaporized by the aliens, I don't think it would be worth it for me to redo it. I've come to terms with and am actually quite satisfied with my new throneworld.

Anyways, on to other subjects.

For a while, I was buying and opening a single booster pack daily and was getting some good results on and off it seemed. However, I have since run out of liquid HIVE! The last pack I opened consisted of all rare cards! One of them was a communication array, but I already have an elite version so...

Screenshot (163).png

Elite stats of cards aren't released yet so there are still many mysteries as to what bonuses and added traits they will have! Maybe this one will require less energy than normal as well. Since I don't have the TR-100 generator (yet) I'm on a
very strict energy budget.
One thing I also never really paid any attention to is that this card also grants a quality 5 (+3!) radar module. I think what that means is that if I have this card, I don't have to load this card:


So it's a 2-for-1 deal! It seems like a great deal in exchange for 1 more unit of energy, especially since the quality is lower for this card even if it were elite.

Screenshot (165).png

This is another card that I pulled from a pack.
...wait for it...

It seems pretty versatile. Able to be used by 3 major factions, Spaceships synergy, it's got weapons systems, but also TURBOspeed and Veilspeed escape. I don't know the difference but one of those can be used during the scanning phase. If the aliens are on your tail, you can quickly escape and zoom towards the planet. Sounds very useful but on the other hand, such speed gives no time for scanning the characteristics of the planet so you could very well be left in the literal dark upon landing. This ship also has the capacity for a slightly smaller crew compared to most ships and the same goes for cargo but. I look forward to using this ship, however it will not be my first choice.

With this acquisition I am now only missing 2 ships: Orwell 2 and the Columbus. Long ago the Orwell was listed on the market for $10 and I thought it was too expensive. Now that seems like a reasonable price. As for the other ship, well the Columbus is the Columbus.

Screenshot (173).png

This card is interesting for a number of reasons. I didn't even know it existed until recently, probably because it's epic. The Investigation trait on the card grants more points to spend on skills in crew generation. The car also hints at another faction we're going to see in the future: the Federation! There are many more Federation cards. This is all of them.


I didn't include Eliza because her card technically only says Pro-Federation but since all the above cards also have that trait we can only assume she's part of that faction and will work well with them. They are mixed Civilian and Military but I think the kind of compliment each other.

Of course, everyone knows and loves the main Anti-Federation faction, the Rebel Faction.

Screenshot (174).png

But what about the Triskan Survivor faction?

Triskan Survivors.png

They are said to all be survivors of a game made for the pleasure of entertainment in which criminals were dumped on uninhabited worlds and left to fend for themselves. That being said, they are are also part of the Criminal faction, one of my favorites.

Another shady and not quite talked about faction is the Flesh Cult.

Screenshot (175).png

I thought the first card was the faction leader but upon closer inspection, I realized she's just a general authority figure. The magna cultist is interesting because she's also Scientific and has the unique ability, (Research) Bio-engineering! I'm not sure how I feel about the recruiter automatically converting my colony to this cult. I'm not even sure what they stand for. Can I have a pamphlet?!
Being a cult, it would make sense they are all also Civilian.

I'm excited to see more cards added to these factions. Perhaps some may even get their own origins! It's cool sticking to a pure faction but many of these cards can be mixed and matched with others. For example, I think the magna cultist, the Gentician scientist, and the Syndicate hacker would compliment the Scientific faction and make for a nice little 'mad scientist' build! Just remember to bring along your "Chips and Data" for those implant components!

And that's all that I have to ramble about for now. Please join eXode now if you haven't already. All you need is a Hive account and, chances are, if you're reading this, you might have one. I lied. You also at least need 1 starter pack. Booster packs are optional but you get 2 free ones if you register and purchase your starter with this link. The game also has its own token on Hive Engine called eXode fuel. Its not worth much now because you can't use it yet.
Not financial advice! Do what you want with this information!

And now time to go back into hypersleep until the next update. Fairwell!

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