RE: Why did @joeyarnoldvn go to Vietnam?

Some people call it the Vietnam American War. But in truth or at least in part, it was a Vietnamese Civil War.

Like most if not all of the major wars from the 1800's, the 1900's, the 2000's, this war in Vietnam was taken advantaged by from globalists and other control freaks like Palpatine did in Star Wars, similar plot and scheme.

In other words, it is a long story and different countries were involved in Vietnam. I don't know if people are taught in school that China and Russia (I mean the USSR) were helping North Vietnam defeat South Vietnam.

Dear goldgrifin007, if you are from South Korea, why not live in North Korea? America fought to give you South Korea. Likewise, America was fighting for South Vietnam. But then America left. So, America abandon Vietnam similar to what we are seeing in Afghanistan in 2021.

But history is not that simple as America was infiltrated by bad people. America should not really be in war in different countries. But at the same time, the globalists try to destroy countries. After America left Vietnam, then millions of people were murdered in Cambodia. It can be argued that America could have saved all those people in Cambodia. You can have peace through strength. They would have been less likely to murder the people in Cambodia around 1978 had America still been next door.

But what is America? Hard question to answer but like I said, bad people take over the military and government in America to make military do things they should not do. That is not America but the bad people take over. The bad people are like snakes. The bad people go into many countries to take control.

In some ways, America helped. And yet, and yet at the same time bad people were making America do bad things. So, in conclusion, America did good and bad things. But it is important to distinguish between which people did good things and bad things. Because America is not one person. America is many different people doing good things and bad things.

America funded and aided Pakistan who funds the Taliban who then takes over Afghanistan. But I say America but it is not really America but the bad people in America doing it. But some of the bad people in America are not Americans or not really authentically American. This is all a long story and so complex and similar to the story of Star Wars. The bad guys fund both sides to a war. That is what globalists want, they want all the humans to fight against each other. But we should fight the globalists and stop them and not each other.

In Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh took over the country. While living in Vietnam, I talked to many people about what they thought about Ho. Some or most Vietnamese hate Ho because he would murder whole entire Vietnamese villages. He would say to Vietnamese, "Fight for me or we will murder your children and women." Many Vietnamese told me Ho Chi Minh was a terrorist, a monster. People in Vietnam do not have freedom like you do in South Korea. I think you should go to Vietnam and see how bad it is.

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