Botejyu Restaurant at SM Dasmariñas

"A family that eats together stays together."

I stayed up a little late last night and woke up late this morning. Because I drafted for my post today, I'm just finishing it now. I couldn't handle my sleepiness and went to bed at 1:00 am. There is no school today and the students have a long vacation at school. Another thing that woke me up was the sounds and horns of their vehicle for the Barangay elections and it's still noisy until now hehe. Let's head to my entry for the Wednesday walk. I want to share our walk around the mall in July last year. My two brothers went on vacation from Dubai with their wives.

Story time...

My brother told mom not to cook because he wanted to treat us to dinner. We ate dinner at SM Dasmariñas so we could walk and wander around afterwards. Tatay (my father) didn't come with us because the last time we ate at samgyupal, he turned pale and had an upset stomach because of the seafood we ate. My other brother and his whole family were in Pangasinan that day.

This red car whose name is Pepper was driven by my sister in law (Myra) from their place in Bulacan to Cavite. She had the guts to drive on the Skyway. I'm nervous to drive hehe. I remember when I drove an electric bike I got nervous because there was a car in front of me lol. We went to pepper to ride going to the mall. It was parked in front of Nicko's friend's house named Joshua. My brother (Nicko) drives when the destination is close.

Pepper (given name by Myra).

Selfie inside the car.

Picture upon arrival at the mall.

We went straight to Botejyu Japanese Restaurant. Looked at the menu and ordered. They like to try the foods here. We waited for 20 to 30 minutes because our order was still being cooked and prepared. So Nicko went to Jollibee to order fries for my son. When he came back, the dishes were served one by one. These are the ones we ordered, the others I didn't get a photo of.

A delicious pork miso tonkotsu ramen with char siu pork. This is what I ate, I didn't order rice because this ramen was overloaded.

Sushi seattle roll and california roll.

This prawn tempura was so delicious dipped in the sauce served with it.

Teppan baked banana with vanilla ice cream.

My son really loves this vanilla ice cream.

Our drinks are only iced tea and water.

My son only ate noodles, tempura, ice cream and ice tea. He doesn't want other food. My eldest ordered takoyaki and Warabimochi ice cream sundae. The takoyaki she ordered was delicious unlike the street food that I don't like the taste of. My favorite flavor of takoyaki is spicy.

Picture first before eating hehe.

The couple ordered a dish with rice. I can't remember the name of it. Mom ate fried noodles. I think Mom is also a bit sad because my niece and nephew are in Pangasinan. She took care of the two since they were small.

Took a picture of the table with food.

We took a rest after eating. The waiter handed over the bill and paid. The couple likes to eat all the time at restaurants.

We went to the arcade so the two kids could play and have fun. First bought a token and played basketball.

I also let my son ride in the kiddie cars.

He's also sad because his cousin is not there or sad because he is old enough to play there hehe.

photobomber 101 - staring at us lol

I'm sorry if I made you hungry with food photos. After our walk, we bought popcorn for snack when we got home. We bought take out chicken joy at Jollibee so my father would have food.

With the amount we ordered we could not consume it. So we asked the waiter to wrap the other sushi for me to eat the next day. Instead of throwing it away, it's so expensive. Tatay didn't want it. Our dinner and our walk were very fun and craving satisfied.

It's really fun when a family eats and goes for a walk together. We need it sometimes to make life more happier even if all problems and stress come into our lives. We all have problems. God will not give it to us if we can't handle and solve it. #fighting💪

That’s all for today's #WednesdayWalk challenge initiated by @tattoodjay. I hope you enjoy reading. I am heading to Cavite tomorrow for the election on Monday. Then we will visit my grandmother and grandfather's grave because it is "All souls day". Happy long vacation fellas!

October 28, 2023
04:32 pm Pst
(📸All photos are mine)

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