Alone is Good; My Wednesday Walk Entry

Hello hive friends! I hope you are all fine and happy.

Thank you @tattoo-djay for hosting this post, my entry is a bit late and I'm sorry for that; I got lost in time.

Back in May last year, there was a National election and is held in every elementary school. And since my husband is a civilian volunteer, he was obliged to report for duty.

Since the company where I work is a manufacturing company, I still reported for duty that morning and went to the school at 1 in the afternoon. My husband was on the barangay hall when I arrived and I took the initiative in finding my precint (room assignment )and this is where my walk started.

Of course, I started it with a selfie! haha

This is where I finished elementary and the place looks smaller than it used to. Maybe I just grew big and my perception changed. Would you agree with me?

On the left and right of the entrance of the gate are huge lawns and it makes the school more beautiful! I can still remember those times when and my classmates had to sweep the huge lawn when we were still in grades five and six.

We could not afford people to maintain it as a sweeper so we students had to do it ourselves with the supervision for our class adviser.

People are waiting in line for their turns and some are walking away already.

It took some time for my husband to arrive and voila! here he comes!

I did not fine our room assignment so he accompanied me; and it turns out that it was on the room where I didn't bother checking, haha!
Here are what I saw on the way.
Lovely Underwater mural
![Uploading IMG_2022

Colorful flower boxes

Faucets on the flower boxes and hanging soaps beside each

Pretty zinia flowers

We had to wait in a very long line because most of the people assigned to that room thought it will be bombarded with attendance in the morning.

And because it was hot and my husband had only very little sleep from his duty the night before, he asked me if he could sit down while he wait for his turn to get inside the room. It did not take too long before we finished our transaction and my husband had to get back to his work.

I don't have anything to do with them so I decided I should go to Nanay's house where my kids were; Hubby wanted to bring me there with his motorcycle yet I insisted I should take a walk towards it.

I walked alone and I felt good. I seldom spend my time alone and I miss it. I even enjoyed a lot before eI remembered to take a photo along the way.

So here are the photos I took

The back and front view from where I stood at that moment.
That factory is aa biscuit manufacturing company and I used to work there. There were lots of biscuits and my first impression on was that the biscuits are flooding from the conveyors

Sunset starts to become colorful and I am happy to have witnessed it.

Along the road, there were grass and there are flowers too

I did not know if I walked too slowly or if the time rolled so fast that the golden hour has arrived so quickly.

On the last corner before Nanay's house, I took pictures if the neighbor's flower collection. I always admire them when we pass by and now I had the time to stop by and take pictures. Nature is amazing and it never fails!

This old cashew tree is what my husband told me they were having lots of memories with as a child.

The farmer pruned them, I just hope they will not cut them soon

And one final photo before my kids took my phone, a fantastic orangy sunset.

So that is how my walk went. I enjoyed alone time but it does not mean I am lonely. Sometimes, the best company is yourself, right?

I hope you like my walk, thank you so much for your time. Keep safe!

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